Happy Spring beautiful people!
To welcome spring in style we decided to post outfits composed of our favorite trends that ruled the runways at the Spring 2014 shows. Check out our review of our favorite trends this season if you haven’t already.

We loved the flower prints and pastels and particularly loved the bejeweled pieces seen at the hottest shows. As girls who love to accessorize and sometimes take more time to pick out jewelry than the outfit itself, what could be better than clothes that come with their own jewelry?!


Vera wore a jewel encrusted loose top with a pleated pleather miniskirt, knit cardigan, gray tights, brogues, and a silver and perspex necklace.

IMG_20942 IMG_21041 IMG_21061 IMG_21091 IMG_21471

A light cardigan is an absolute must in every closet as the seasons change.

IMG_19771 IMG_19801 IMG_19861 IMG_20441 IMG_20472 IMG_20491 IMG_20521 IMG_20531 IMG_20761 IMG_20811 IMG_20831 IMG_20891

Rony wore a rhinestones encrusted blouse over a button down shirt with a flower print skirt, gray tights, thigh high boots and a neon clutch.

IMG_21181 IMG_21402 IMG_21422 IMG_21451

Not ready to wear short sleeves just yet? Layering is a great way of breaking out your favorite warm weather clothes.

IMG_19892 IMG_20051 IMG_20071 IMG_20111 IMG_20131 IMG_20142 IMG_20311 IMG_20371 IMG_20691 IMG_20702 IMG_20711 IMG_20752 IMG_19681

Wishing you all a wonderful spring!
V & R

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    • thank you so much love, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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  2. Beautiful! Love these outfits, ready for spring indeed!

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  4. Beautiful looks ladies!! I love these metallics and florals!! I’m especially loving that floral skirt and neon Tory Burch clutch!! Heaven!

    • thank you so much, so glad you liked it :)
      have a great weekend!

  5. Great outfits and pictures girls!
    Love the sparkly pink tshirt & the perfect Spring floral skirt too!

  6. SerachShiro said:

    You girls know how to bring the Spring vibe to us, love the beautiful pink shirt of Vera and the floral awesome skirt of Rony ! Have a fabulous Wednesday girls ! Xxx

    • thank you love, have a wonderful weekend!

    • amen sisters!!
      thanks for visiting, have a fab weekend!

  7. I love jeweled anything so naturally I love this feature! Both outfits are young and spring like and that Tory Burch clutch? I want! xo-Elaine

    • the problem with Tory Burch clutches is that one is never enough, we want more!!
      thanks for visiting, have a great weekend!

  8. You are gorgeously bejeweled and, for sure, you have bewitched me ! The fairytalelike location adds a beautifully whimsical feel ! I wish you a magical Spring ! XOXO

    • thank you so much lovely! have a wonderful spring!
      bon weekend! (we love practicing our french on you lol)

  9. I love clothing that comes with its own jewels, so fun! You guys chose a wonderful location for your pics today!

    • we love this garden, it’s this abandoned place that alot of people don’t know about and we find it to be raw and beautiful!
      thanks for visiting, have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful spring outfits, you two look great! Just love the bejeweled outfits and that Tory Burch clutch is fab! xx…cortneybre

    • Thanks so much love, so glad you liked it!

    • we agree, bejeweled is luxe and fabulous! thanks so much love, so glad you liked it!

      • Donald said:

        you’re welcome xx

    • it’s our pleasure, we’re so glad you liked them!
      have a great weekend!

  11. vivian said:

    Wow, look at you! You both look great! Love the floral & leather skirt, well done my ladies! ;) By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please visit my post for the instructions ;) Happy Saturday! xo Vivian

    • thank you so much for the nomination, we really appreciate it especially coming from you!!
      we just posted all our answers to your questions, check it out :)
      have a lovely rest of the week xoxo

    • 转讜讚讛 专讘讛 诪讜转拽!!
      讘讗讜转 诇讘讬拽讜专 讘讘诇讜讙 砖诇讱 :)

  12. We have the same obsession, girls. We spend more time on finding the right bling than on putting together the actual outfit (#bloggerproblems, lol). We love everything about your Spring inspired outfits, from the layering to your amazing bling.
    xoxo N&N

    • thank you fabulous N&N, so glad you liked it! bloggerproblems are so difficult.. it’s a hard life! ;)

    • thank you so much Alina, we’re so glad you liked it!!
      going over to your blog now :)

  13. Wow!! You both have a great style!!
    I love the combo colors of first one, the grey tights are always a stylish choies, and flowered skirt and neon clutch for the second choice are so stunning!! Love it!!
    Priscila Betancort.

    My Showroom

    • thank you so much, we’re so glad you liked it!!

    • thanks love, have a wonderful rest of the week!

    • this is amazing!!! thank you so much for sending us the link!

  14. Oxana said:

    Hi girls, you look amazing!!!! xoxo

  15. Nothing like a little sparkle to make a perfect spring day even more perfect!! ~xo

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